Martín Códax

Martín Códax blends modern vinification tenchiques and experimental vineyards with their tratditional methods and grapes to produce Albariño wines, orujo liquors, either white or blended with herbs.

When it comes to eating healthy, people  think that they have to “diet” in order to eat better. This is not the case. It is about more than just what you eat. How much you eat and how you prepare it can make all  the difference.

Breakfast omelet.with tomato.

Extreme camping, or living off the land, is an exciting challenge, but you have to be smart about it. Make sure you have the information and the tools you need before you start out. Then enjoy!

Make it heart shaped. Make it red. Throw in a little chocolate. And you have the food for a kids Valentine's Day party.

Cholesterol Down: Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in Four Weeks. Without Prescription Drugs. This is a topic of interest for all. The recipes are mainly vegetarian; not strict vegetarian, but can be adapted with minimal changes.

Serotonin is supposed to help to sleep well and to enhance your mood, now it is also promoted as an aid for weight loss. Check the recipes to know it this diet is for you.


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