The Feel Good Diet is an eating plan based in the latest neurological research. Designed to balance brain chemicals, keeping dieters happy and motivated while shedding pounds. The book includes scrumptious recipes.

We are what we eat and, according to the latest research, we also are what our parents and grandparents ate. Our children will not only inherit our genes, our food experiences as well.

Healthy food including broccoli, bell peppers, and more.

Once an ancient Etruscan settlement, San Gimignano's first walls were erected much later, in 998 AD. It became one of Italy's smaller city-statues in the 12th century.

The Bed and Breakfast scene in Tuscany is booming for good reason. Add the history, views, wine and food surrounding Tuscan villas and there are few places that can compare.

Planning a picnic and thinking about the drinks? Let us take a look at a few choices that will cool you off and have you coming back for more.

Two glasses of Shirley temple drink.

Not only salads make great side dishes, they can become a main course. A variety of salads is the easiest way to cook for a crowd, especially for a picnic. Try some these tips for the next picnics, buffet, cookout or potluck dinner.

Potato salad.

You can make the same sandwiches you have always made, or you could give this picnic a whole new  flavor. Bringing a good main dish on a picnic, without making it into a  sandwich is doable.

Picnic spot Toronto - Wikimedia Commons.

Picnics are something special, something we all remember. A  picnic breaks the daily routine and takes us outdoors just ready to enjoy good  weather and delicious food. Most of the times, that delicious food is a  sandwich.

BLT sandwich - bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.


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