Not many people combine the thought of getting in shape with convenience foods. It isn't a typical association that takes place when discussing fitness programs. Actually, healthy convenience foods can enhance your fitness program.

Turnovers or empanadillas.

Champagne is the nearest French wine area to the UK. From Calais to Reims it is around 190 miles and about 3 hours drive. Easy to plan a week end.

Having healthy convenience foods around during pregnancy will make it easier to stay on track with your nutrition while keeping your health stable.

Red apples.

What we call convenience food is just food that is already cooked or can be easily prepared. As a rule, these foods contain more preservatives, sodium and calories that is convenient. Could this food be healthy?

Oatmeal bow, fresh fruit and dried fruit.

Grab a sandwich and go. Grab a hot dog and go. Grab a salad and go. Grab a cup of soup and go. It is go, go, go at lunchtime, so we grab grab grab. Unfortunately, we are so conditioned to grabbing what we always have, we don't think twice. We're in a hurry so we return to the old reliable convenience foods.

Plastic bottles of mustard and ketchup.

The fact of the matter is today many healthy foods have become convenient, but the stigma behind unhealthy convenience foods is still hanging around. As kids need to eat more thant three times a day, give them, and yourself, grab and go snacks that are healthy.


Put your hands up if you eat convenience food even if not on a regular basis. You are in good company. The average person on a Western diet eats six convenience foods daily. If you are a family on the go, you understand the importance of convenience food.

White microwave oven with door open.

It is  normal to want to get out of the kitchen occasionally and let someone else do  the cooking. But what about sticking to the plan? Will dining out strike a  fatal blow to your resolve? Not necessarily. Most restaurants cater to  health-conscious diners, it's not that difficult to find low-fat cuisine while  dining out. Eating out is easy on the <strong>Naked Fitness</strong> nutrition plan.


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